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A Creative UK Photographer

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Graham has been an active photographer for over thirty years gaining many gold medals and thousands of acceptances in international salons. He specialises in sports, creative and travel images.
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Photographic Society Talks

Graham has produced several imaginative digital presentations aimed at Photo Society audiences. A mix of AV and discussion with a splash of humour provide an inspirational  blend of tips techniques and ideas.
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John in Leics “ was a cracking good evening, which we all enjoyed”

Ros in Cheltenham “.. It is not often we see such versatility in one evening..
..I am sure it would have inspired members to try something new..”

Christine in Norfolk “ .. Our members found your talk and images inspiring. We enjoyed 
your informative and humorous talk, you held our attention from start to finish”

Chris in Northants  “.... Your images are stunning and the humour contained in your
 delivery was delightful. I found the whole evening inspiring... I found your creative 
work mind blowing..”

Image Catagories

Sports Images

Dynamic images which reflect speed, energy and action

Creative Images

Images which could be classified as slightly altering reality to surreal montages

Travel Images

Travel with me from the Americas to Asia with Europe and Africa on the journey

Blue Hour Images

Take a tripod out some 40 minutes after sunset and take some long exposure images.

Studio Images

In my own homw studio I can accomodate single portraits upto family sized groups.

Snow and Ice

Photographing winter ice and snow - exposing for the highlights and capturing paterns and shapes.
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